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Sophia McGrath was just like any other eleven-year old during their first year at Hogwarts until a package for her arrived. Touching the cup, she finds herself whisked away from School to a dark, dank cell, her only company a hungry rat and an ominous painting, both watching her closely.

Deprived of her wand and most of her possessions, Sophia will have to find a way to escape from her prison before whoever orchestrated her capture returns, forcing her to put her wit, creativity, and fledgling knowledge of magic to the test.

Designed in Adventure Game Studio, Sophia McGrath and the Strange Invitation is a Point n Click adventure made in the style of old Sierra On-Line and LucasArts games, as well as a work of fan-fiction set in the Universe of Harry Potter. Enjoy!

Published 21 days ago
Tags2D, Fantasy, Pixel Art, Point & Click


Sophia McGrath 1.4.zip 32 MB

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